Well it's been fun and all but it sucks that you have to move away....T___T
I remember way back in grade 5 when I met you we were the "Class Clowns". We didn't care we just wanted to have fun! lol  ahhh pooor Mr.Hallman, we pulled some good pranks on him but got sent to the office alot lol. And then! in grade 7 on the ski Trip on the bus XD ahhh funny stuff. Then you like dissapeared in grade 8 but thats because we had NO classes together (insert David's voice.....Que Que). But lunch time at The Hallway was always fun. Metal Tech was fun but i was creeped out by the Plasma Cutter lol ...OH and you like almost cut your finger off with it too XD mmmmm nice and crispy is the smell that we would have smelt if you did. BUT your leaving ME! and other friends and your not coming BACK.....it's depressing...really it is. WELL i hope you freeken like your going away present that i will post in pictures or put it on deviant art. I have yet to Slap your mom tho.....lol
Good Times....Good Times...

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