Hey pplz, well it's officially summer because it's to hot to go anywhere without a portable fan that as big as a van. Well i have been going out and about for awhile so i can stay out of the house! annnnd stuff has happened so yeah let me tell you about some of teh stuffz. K! well i was at home and super board and Dan came to the door. "can you come out?" he says so i get ready and we go for a little walk. While we are walking we hear noise and follow it and it's a party at this weird soccer house thingy that ppl go to. And there were Kids there calling over Dan and not me. So right away i'm feeling unhappy D: so we go to the house and we are just there and Dan is having the time of his life because he was engaged in party stuff because the kids wanted him there (the kids where students from our school) and i was just sorta there -.- I knew i had to go home soon so i was giving him hints about me going home untill he got them and walked meh home. Hes like how was the party and stuff and bleh bleh bleh and i'm like well everyone wanted to see you...not me. hes like there were ppl there that wanted to see me and i said no because if they did they would have called my name, i was just there. so i went home ;-; lol. Ok now the other thing is cute, happy and depressing at the same time.... ok here we go. Toni got me out of the house ^^ and we went around doing stuff.I went to 7-11 with her then went to the dollar store and a weird paper store or something to look for a note-pad that i could buy. until it happened.... Monarch Butterflies!!! We saw them and found out that they were mating. they were flying around and then they got hit by a random semi truck T__T they both survived but one was flying and one wasn't. Toni then said "I'll go pick it up!" and i said no because a car was coming. The car came and it ran over the butterfly that was on the ground but alive. Alive no more the squished butterfly's wing came off and the other butterfly that was mating with the other went near it then flew away....  ; ;  sooo sad. me and her almost started crying but we laughed first ....we were like awwww.......OMG THEIR OWNED!.......*sniffel*. So yeah thats it!

7/15/2007 06:19:29 am

lol. omfg levi XD T_T XD Those poor butterflies...

6/23/2009 10:22:40 pm

My summer is so cool!!!:):):):)


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