Well as the Title says "Merry Christmas!"
I'm pretty happy with my gifts ^ .^

New DS Lite - Good bye Polar White, Hello Crimson Black!
New Camera! - *insert cute voice* .....camera?  :D
Micro SD/SD Card - YAY now i can listen to music on my phone and have a memory card for me Camera!
Sketch Book~! - Yay! now i get to doodle.... ON ACID FREE PAPER! Thanks Auntie!
New Shirts - omg i'm guna look so good in them ^__~
New Pj's -  =W= so soft~
New Hoodiez! - Thank you lindsay! *hugs*
New neko (cat) stuffy! - Amanda, it's adorable!
$100 Cash!!! - oh wow mom, thankyou
$100 DIGITAL VISA CASH - :D Thank you Auntie Carole
2000 Wii Points - Thanks Cousin!
One Toblerone Bar - OH MY GOD *inhales* THEY TASTE SO GOOD!

Well I hope your Christmas was as good as mine! and remember kids, Santa is actually a Ninja and the reason his suit is red is because of all this little children he killed because they saw him D:
^0^ ~<3

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