Well as the Title says "Merry Christmas!"
I'm pretty happy with my gifts ^ .^

New DS Lite - Good bye Polar White, Hello Crimson Black!
New Camera! - *insert cute voice* .....camera?  :D
Micro SD/SD Card - YAY now i can listen to music on my phone and have a memory card for me Camera!
Sketch Book~! - Yay! now i get to doodle.... ON ACID FREE PAPER! Thanks Auntie!
New Shirts - omg i'm guna look so good in them ^__~
New Pj's -  =W= so soft~
New Hoodiez! - Thank you lindsay! *hugs*
New neko (cat) stuffy! - Amanda, it's adorable!
$100 Cash!!! - oh wow mom, thankyou
$100 DIGITAL VISA CASH - :D Thank you Auntie Carole
2000 Wii Points - Thanks Cousin!
One Toblerone Bar - OH MY GOD *inhales* THEY TASTE SO GOOD!

Well I hope your Christmas was as good as mine! and remember kids, Santa is actually a Ninja and the reason his suit is red is because of all this little children he killed because they saw him D:
^0^ ~<3


Well my rule is when it's December it's not winter until it snows. Last year it snowed and last year's last year it didn't which meant winter never came. WELL it's the first day of freeken December and it snowed! You know what that means! IT'S FINALLY WINTER AGAIN! Were there is ice on the road and about every 15 min theres a minor accident in a four way! Were little kids lick the stop sign poll and get their tongues stuck! Where the squirrels go insane, screaming to each other "OMG LETS SLEEP GUYS!". Yus it is truly, truly, truly Winter.

    Kade's Say

    Enjoy your holidays


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