Hey! sup ppl guess what :D? (look at the title damn it).... SCHOOL IS OUT!!!! well for me anyway...i had my exams but some of my friends still have exams to do so they still have school >:D

anyways yeah, how will i spend my summer you ask? Slaving at a new summer job and cleaning the house, not staying in to play my PS2, Wii and DS like i would have liked to or update this website, source hack some things to get stuff, vixy all night long, and watching things on youtube. Going to my friends houses maybe 3 times a month and eating FREEKEN CHICKEN,RICE AND BROCCOLI FOR SUPPER EVERY DAY! ... tho i will leave out most of the content i wanted to post here. How i would love to spend my summer...sleep in, play games, go on comp, download stuff, go to friends house and sleep over party WOOO for like 1 week (last year it only lasted for 3 days D:) go out and play on my old skate board i found 4 days ago XD and just have a FUN summer not a FUGLY summer. Well I better go do some updates now before my internet is taken away from me and I go psycho on someones ass and kill them and end up in juvy for 2 years then go to prison for 30 - 45 years with a death sentence :D...

~ current mood : FUCKING PISSED and sad ; ;

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    Enjoy your holidays


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