So yeah, I have been going to this awesome youth group that my friend Dan got me into. At first I thought it would be a creepy Christian place, (i have had bad experiences at church this is mostly the main reason i don't go lol) but little did i know i would be hooked. I have been going for 1 month now and everyone knows me o.O plus as a bonus a lot of my friends go there so I'm not that alone. But yeah anyways YL group plans to go to this camp called Rock Ridge Canyon. It looks like a bunch o' fun but idk if I'll have the money by then. Well maybe but it's a slight chance that I won't have 100% of the money needed but they said that they wanted me there so badly that they would pay even if i was missing \$100  :O   now you know someone wants you to come when they would pay for you...but not paying fully XD. lol I don't really want them to pay for me anyway because It's not right. Anyways my parents would never except that act of kindness and say "You shouldn't have people pay for \$600 trips to camp."


Hello People. I got this awesome new Blog system but it's sorta sad because my old Blog site is basically  useless now. I really liked the set up, even tho i never got any comments XD. but this one idk...this is most likely to be a spam area. T-T well this sorta sucks XD idk who to choose. *sigh* i guess we will find out later. (might as well add another Meebo widget )

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