Hey people. So Time has passed and computers have died, grade school is over (now graduated) and work has begun. I'm not in collage yet, just taking a year off. But yeah i figured i would try get this place up and running again with my free time and what not. More to post, later days :D

OKAY well it looks like it's summer now.... yeah... it's really hot and stuff....i think it summer.....it's not snowing...........yeah....it's summer....
*dances around* well school is over and now we can enjoy 2 months of NOTHING :D


OK let me recap
first of all my computer is now dead... yeah...i know....freeken sucks. So i'm trying to get it in to a compy shop soon to get it fixed. but it's guna take awhile. NEXT! new classes because semester 1 is OVA! so i have 3 classes, due to me being web admin of my school's site. Drama, Physics and Math D:
OH K, so yeah it was my b-day like....a week ago but i had no compy to type so yeah. And for the first time in 4 years i wasn't on Kyat to talk with my friends and eat chocolate cake..... i wonder if they miss me...i don't think they care.. ;0; *sniffle* all well i have good offline friends too. I would like to say thanks to Ian because hes like... awesome XD he got me *angelic music* .hack//GU and Brawl! wooooot. Lindsay took me to a Cancer Bats concert, and i have only one thing to say.... CICRLE PITS SUCK! yeah moshing was pretty cool except for when I got punched out.... ;~; *rubs cheek* but yeah other then trampling on people, screaming and getting my ears stabbed with electric guitar notes, it was fun. I got alot of money for my b-day so i can ... idk buy things now XD oh and i got a piece of gum from Lucas....IT'S THE THOUGH THAT COUNTS PPL! so yeah I hope i'll be able to come back on soon and i REALLY need to stop neglecting my site. C ya'll soon ^__^


Well as the Title says "Merry Christmas!"
I'm pretty happy with my gifts ^ .^

New DS Lite - Good bye Polar White, Hello Crimson Black!
New Camera! - *insert cute voice* .....camera?  :D
Micro SD/SD Card - YAY now i can listen to music on my phone and have a memory card for me Camera!
Sketch Book~! - Yay! now i get to doodle.... ON ACID FREE PAPER! Thanks Auntie!
New Shirts - omg i'm guna look so good in them ^__~
New Pj's -  =W= so soft~
New Hoodiez! - Thank you lindsay! *hugs*
New neko (cat) stuffy! - Amanda, it's adorable!
$100 Cash!!! - oh wow mom, thankyou
$100 DIGITAL VISA CASH - :D Thank you Auntie Carole
2000 Wii Points - Thanks Cousin!
One Toblerone Bar - OH MY GOD *inhales* THEY TASTE SO GOOD!

Well I hope your Christmas was as good as mine! and remember kids, Santa is actually a Ninja and the reason his suit is red is because of all this little children he killed because they saw him D:
^0^ ~<3


Well my rule is when it's December it's not winter until it snows. Last year it snowed and last year's last year it didn't which meant winter never came. WELL it's the first day of freeken December and it snowed! You know what that means! IT'S FINALLY WINTER AGAIN! Were there is ice on the road and about every 15 min theres a minor accident in a four way! Were little kids lick the stop sign poll and get their tongues stuck! Where the squirrels go insane, screaming to each other "OMG LETS SLEEP GUYS!". Yus it is truly, truly, truly Winter.


Well it's been fun and all but it sucks that you have to move away....T___T
I remember way back in grade 5 when I met you we were the "Class Clowns". We didn't care we just wanted to have fun! lol  ahhh pooor Mr.Hallman, we pulled some good pranks on him but got sent to the office alot lol. And then! in grade 7 on the ski Trip on the bus XD ahhh funny stuff. Then you like dissapeared in grade 8 but thats because we had NO classes together (insert David's voice.....Que Que). But lunch time at The Hallway was always fun. Metal Tech was fun but i was creeped out by the Plasma Cutter lol ...OH and you like almost cut your finger off with it too XD mmmmm nice and crispy is the smell that we would have smelt if you did. BUT your leaving ME! and other friends and your not coming BACK.....it's depressing...really it is. WELL i hope you freeken like your going away present that i will post in pictures or put it on deviant art. I have yet to Slap your mom tho.....lol
Good Times....Good Times...


Hey pplz, well it's officially summer because it's to hot to go anywhere without a portable fan that as big as a van. Well i have been going out and about for awhile so i can stay out of the house! annnnd stuff has happened so yeah let me tell you about some of teh stuffz. K! well i was at home and super board and Dan came to the door. "can you come out?" he says so i get ready and we go for a little walk. While we are walking we hear noise and follow it and it's a party at this weird soccer house thingy that ppl go to. And there were Kids there calling over Dan and not me. So right away i'm feeling unhappy D: so we go to the house and we are just there and Dan is having the time of his life because he was engaged in party stuff because the kids wanted him there (the kids where students from our school) and i was just sorta there -.- I knew i had to go home soon so i was giving him hints about me going home untill he got them and walked meh home. Hes like how was the party and stuff and bleh bleh bleh and i'm like well everyone wanted to see you...not me. hes like there were ppl there that wanted to see me and i said no because if they did they would have called my name, i was just there. so i went home ;-; lol. Ok now the other thing is cute, happy and depressing at the same time.... ok here we go. Toni got me out of the house ^^ and we went around doing stuff.I went to 7-11 with her then went to the dollar store and a weird paper store or something to look for a note-pad that i could buy. until it happened.... Monarch Butterflies!!! We saw them and found out that they were mating. they were flying around and then they got hit by a random semi truck T__T they both survived but one was flying and one wasn't. Toni then said "I'll go pick it up!" and i said no because a car was coming. The car came and it ran over the butterfly that was on the ground but alive. Alive no more the squished butterfly's wing came off and the other butterfly that was mating with the other went near it then flew away....  ; ;  sooo sad. me and her almost started crying but we laughed first ....we were like awwww.......OMG THEIR OWNED!.......*sniffel*. So yeah thats it!


Hey! sup ppl guess what :D? (look at the title damn it).... SCHOOL IS OUT!!!! well for me anyway...i had my exams but some of my friends still have exams to do so they still have school >:D

anyways yeah, how will i spend my summer you ask? Slaving at a new summer job and cleaning the house, not staying in to play my PS2, Wii and DS like i would have liked to or update this website, source hack some things to get stuff, vixy all night long, and watching things on youtube. Going to my friends houses maybe 3 times a month and eating FREEKEN CHICKEN,RICE AND BROCCOLI FOR SUPPER EVERY DAY! ... tho i will leave out most of the content i wanted to post here. How i would love to spend my summer...sleep in, play games, go on comp, download stuff, go to friends house and sleep over party WOOO for like 1 week (last year it only lasted for 3 days D:) go out and play on my old skate board i found 4 days ago XD and just have a FUN summer not a FUGLY summer. Well I better go do some updates now before my internet is taken away from me and I go psycho on someones ass and kill them and end up in juvy for 2 years then go to prison for 30 - 45 years with a death sentence :D...

~ current mood : FUCKING PISSED and sad ; ;


So yeah, I have been going to this awesome youth group that my friend Dan got me into. At first I thought it would be a creepy Christian place, (i have had bad experiences at church this is mostly the main reason i don't go lol) but little did i know i would be hooked. I have been going for 1 month now and everyone knows me o.O plus as a bonus a lot of my friends go there so I'm not that alone. But yeah anyways YL group plans to go to this camp called Rock Ridge Canyon. It looks like a bunch o' fun but idk if I'll have the money by then. Well maybe but it's a slight chance that I won't have 100% of the money needed but they said that they wanted me there so badly that they would pay even if i was missing \$100  :O   now you know someone wants you to come when they would pay for you...but not paying fully XD. lol I don't really want them to pay for me anyway because It's not right. Anyways my parents would never except that act of kindness and say "You shouldn't have people pay for \$600 trips to camp."


Hello People. I got this awesome new Blog system but it's sorta sad because my old Blog site is basically  useless now. I really liked the set up, even tho i never got any comments XD. but this one idk...this is most likely to be a spam area. T-T well this sorta sucks XD idk who to choose. *sigh* i guess we will find out later. (might as well add another Meebo widget )

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