OK let me recap
first of all my computer is now dead... yeah...i know....freeken sucks. So i'm trying to get it in to a compy shop soon to get it fixed. but it's guna take awhile. NEXT! new classes because semester 1 is OVA! so i have 3 classes, due to me being web admin of my school's site. Drama, Physics and Math D:
OH K, so yeah it was my b-day like....a week ago but i had no compy to type so yeah. And for the first time in 4 years i wasn't on Kyat to talk with my friends and eat chocolate cake..... i wonder if they miss me...i don't think they care.. ;0; *sniffle* all well i have good offline friends too. I would like to say thanks to Ian because hes like... awesome XD he got me *angelic music* .hack//GU and Brawl! wooooot. Lindsay took me to a Cancer Bats concert, and i have only one thing to say.... CICRLE PITS SUCK! yeah moshing was pretty cool except for when I got punched out.... ;~; *rubs cheek* but yeah other then trampling on people, screaming and getting my ears stabbed with electric guitar notes, it was fun. I got alot of money for my b-day so i can ... idk buy things now XD oh and i got a piece of gum from Lucas....IT'S THE THOUGH THAT COUNTS PPL! so yeah I hope i'll be able to come back on soon and i REALLY need to stop neglecting my site. C ya'll soon ^__^



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