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The Lillypad's Opening

Hey everyone Kade here. Just Here saying that out of the 3 beta sites I had going this was the one that won! So i will now say that The Lillypad is now open :D this is the final product of the TLP's Banner, tho it's a bit small so if i can get the banner at the top of the page to be the banner instead of the one right here that would be better. I shall work on that....later

Pax 09

Yes i went to it, and 08 too. And i'm planning on going to 10. I would have some pictures to add buuut i can't do that yet. More to post.

TUS Stuff

Hey Sup People. Yeah anyways TUS forums is currently dead forever and no one is posting but me, so i'm guna ask the Root Admin (my friend DS) to see if he can give up hes rights and give them to me or something because no one's going on it and why have something when no one is using it. Plus i have a bunch of online friends that would most likely join plus Jerome really wanted to be a member anyway ^^ *hugs Rome plushy*

Kade's Blog

I have had a blog for awhile so it's not to new. Anyways thats were my blogging is going to be done till there is a Blog function lol. you can get to my blog by clicking  :::Here:::

Meebo FTW!

Woot, Hey ppl! I just added a Meebo Widget to the Contact Page so if i'm online you can Chat with me! :D but don't spam me because i can and will disable it.
anyways yeah so if you need help on something I can help you! also if your at school or something and you need help with like homework just talk XD lol i guess that would be cool...OH YEAH!!! also if i'm offline you can still talk to me sorta. It will just leave a message so if you really want me to answer send your e-mail address so i can e-mail you back oks :D

Kade's Group Chat - KGC

It's been asked by several people now, and Meebo™ made it. A group chat has been added to the site so you can talk to people from other places that go to TLP :D
BTW I will make it so that there is a Password so that people can't get in, of course those times will only be scheduled times for friends or meetings, and you could get in too if you contact me. Just go to the Contact page and send meh an e-mail with your reall e-mail address so i can send you the password.


OK so i got back together with my old Dot hack guild but it has changed SOOO much lol. Now it's divided into 3 guilds and mine is the second most highly populated one XD, by clicking on the banner below you will be agreeing to joining my Guild called Moon Tree... Well i think so...i'm not to sure but i'm pritty sure ^^"
Also i source hacked a site so you can now play with "my" G.U. Pet :D It's located in TLP Blog, it's really cute and it has Tri-edge and Azure Balmung :D (when playing the racing game press the space bar to jump!)
Well the site has shut down again... it won't be back on untill the next .hack game comes out which won't be for another 4-5 years.... *crys* I love you A//C


OMFG Why Linux why!!!!! Well my friend tryed to fix my computer by installing Windows again *sigh* and then making it so that i have Windows and Linux! but Windows has some issues and won't run so i only have Linux running comes with Firefox but i wanted IE too but IE doesn't work for Linux so it took me 4 hours to find a site with all the coding and code the freeken IE myself! the 4 hour period i found out that i can't get active X for it and Fire fox but theres a plugin for the Active X for Firefox but i need to configure crap and i just don't want to do things like that. Well all you have to know is that I'm running Linux and i have my internet back finaly annnd yeah lol.

woot we love you Mr.Counter